Just How Does THE OXYGENATOR™ Work?

OxygenatorIncorporating an extremely efficient system, The OXYGENATOR™ separates the water molecules into their elemental parts: Hydrogen and Oxygen. The lighter hydrogen molecules rapidly leave the water and dissipate into the atmosphere. The heavier oxygen molecule remains suspended until it dissolves in the water. In fact, the oxygen bubble is so tiny, it cannot break the surface tension of the water. As a result, the percentage of dissolved oxygen in the water increases dramatically!

Fish typically require dissolved oxygen concentrations over 5 parts per million (ppm) to remain healthy and to reduce catch related stress. Oxygen levels below 5 ppm can cause instant or delayed mortality from suffocation, or at very least add an additional level of stress to the fish.

Temperature has the largest effect on the water’s ability to maintain an adequate dissolved oxygen level. At 60 degrees, a 15 gallon livewell with a standard livewell recirculating aeration system can raise water starting out at 3 ppm to 7 ppm in about eight minutes. At 70 degrees, it takes about 14 minutes. At 85 degrees, a standard livewell system simply cannot get to 7 ppm. The OXYGENATOR™ uses advanced sensor technology to increase or decrease the frequency and duration of the output to maintain the highest yet safest dissolved oxygen level based on the livewell water temperature variation.

The OXYGENATOR™ by O2 Marine Technologies will keep fish alive because it produces the necessary component for an optimum living environment: Oxygen. Anglers have a challenge in their quest for knowledge on how to keep fish alive longer because the equipment they've had access to in the past was not adequate for the job. The old-style bubbler systems that pump ambient air through a stone are extremely inefficient and for many years it was the only option. That is no longer the case. The OXYGENATOR™ uses a patented (nano technology) process to produce oxygen that is readily absorbed into the water which keeps bait and fish not only healthy, but livelier as well.