Oxygenation versus Aeration

OxygenatorAeration is a process where air is pumped through a stone to create bubbles in water to try to raise Oxygen levels. This process is extremely inefficient for two reasons: first, the air we breathe has only a 20.9 percent makeup of Oxygen, so the source is already dramatically limited. Second, the bubbles from an aeration stones are so large, they cannot stay in the water long enough to super saturate or increase the oxygen content fast enough for a heavy load of fish..

Oxygenation via THE OXYGENATOR™ from O2 Marine actually creates pure, 100-percent Oxygen from the water itself. Using a patented process THE OXYGENATOR™ actually splits the water molecule into its two components, Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Hydrogen quickly dissipates into the atmosphere while the Oxygen re-dissolves back into the water to dramatically raise the dissolved Oxygen level. It is the most efficient means of maintaining Oxygen in a live well or bait container that is available to anglers. There is nothing remotely close to the ability of THE OXYGENATOR™ to create an Oxygen-rich environment that keeps fish and bait healthy and stress free.

What this means for anglers that are holding fish in their live wells for future release is that the fish they’re putting back in the water will be there in the future. For anglers incorporating THE OXYGENATOR™ into their bait program, the ability to keep that bait not only alive, but also livelier bait means more success on the water. For serious anglers, THE OXYGENATOR™ is a must.

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