Salt Water Information

All Oxygenator™ Products can be and are used by salt water fisherman with great results. However there are several additional tasks that need to be executed in salt water applications that are not necessarily needed in fresh water applications. But first let’s explain in simple language what is going on in a live well regarding oxygen and fish containment.
Warm surface water does not hold much dissolved oxygen, and until now you’ve had to continuingly run your fresh water pick-up to get even a little dissolved oxygen. Even if you are continuing to run those pumps, your results are disappointing. Knowing this as a fact, some anglers have resorted to buying bottled systems that pump pure oxygen into the water. Although effective, these systems are expensive and you have to hassle with bottled oxygen. These devices pump oxygen through a diffuser to break down the oxygen into tiny bubbles, and though these bubbles are small, they still rise to the surface quickly and escape back into the atmosphere. Therefore the live well water cannot reach the boosted saturation levels that the Oxygenator™ small Nano bubbles can deliver.

Regarding Our System:

Because we separate all the elements in water, we also separate the sodium chloride (salt) which returns as chlorine. Chlorine is the kiss of death for bait fish. We discovered that as long as you treat the water in your live well with our U2 Pro formula fisherman have had great success. U2 Pro Formula, conditions the water for the fish's ideal environment, energizing bait and stressed fish. You will need to treat every six hours. If you are leaving bait on you boat overnight, then you need to treat before you leave for the day. We have charter captains in Texas, Florida, and California who are very pleased with the results.